HP IMPIANTI SRL, despite being a young company, includes in its staff, specialized personnel with over 25 years of experience in the field of industrial hydraulic systems.
The decision to open this new reality in a difficult period for the Italian steel industry was certainly not easy; the continuous commitment, dedication and passion dedicated to plants, has prompted us to enter into new applications, including OFFSHORE - MARINE and ENERGY.

This gave the company the possibility of a profound evolution and growth from a qualitative point of view: in the first year of activity, HP Impianti S.r.L., has qualified and certified by the certifying body "Rina" (known in the industry sector), ISO 9001 and ISO 3834.

One of the strengths of HP Impianti S.r.L. is the design, with 3D applications, which to date, has gone more and more in detail to obtain a qualitative high-level product, observing in great detail the solutions aiming to easy maintenance, and shortening delivery times, today more and more restricted.

During the construction, we have within our company, highly specialized and qualified staff for the construction of steel structures, piping and related welds (according to ASME, EN, AWS), assembly, testing and construction PIPING on board, satisfying the demands and requirements Customer.