HPU Power Unit 16.000Lt.

n ° 1 HPU Hydraulic Unit for the tensioning of the anchor chains on FPSO vessel and for the recovery of the raiser type pipes.
  • Tank in INOX316L capacity 16.000lt;
  • Primary pumps Q=3400 lt / ‘1;
  • n ° 4 electric motors of 230Kw / each; 

Subsea HPU

n ° 1 Hydraulic power unit with INOX316L tank, capacity 30.000LT

HPU Ecovix


The plants have been designed and built according to customer specifications, for use in Atex area offshore environment.
The destination of the hydraulic power unit is on platforms for oil drilling in Brazil.


– Tank made of Stainless Steel 316L;
– Rigid piping made of stainless steel 316L and hoses with fittings in stainless 316;
– Frame, Skid and paneling of coverage made of Carbon Steel;
– The paneling of coverage of the motor pumps units area are made with “compression locking” system at our design, complete with watertight seals suitable for the marine environment and thermoacoustic insulation;
– Special painting for marine environment according to customer specifications.